What is Linux Software Foundation

In short, the Linux software Foundation is also known as LF. It is a non-profit automation consortium formed by combining Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group to standardize Linux. It boosts technical adoption and supports growth.

Additionally, it facilitates and promotes the collaborative development of the open-source software project. It started in 2000 as the Open-Source Development Labs, or OSDL for short, and is now a business. 

Linux software Foundation

It was there when Open Source Development Labs joined the Free Standards Group (also known as the FSG). 

Greg Kroah-Hartman, the lead maintainer, and Linus Torvalds, the Linux creator, receive funding for the implementation from the Linux foundation. 

It has the backing of a number of members, including Samsung, Tencent, QUALCOMM, Oracle, Orange SA, NEC, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Hitachi, Huawei, Google, Facebook, Fujitsu, Cisco, AT&T, and VMware, in addition to developers from all over the world.

Open source projects, events, certification and training, and support programs have improved the Linux foundation's support programs.

The Xen Project, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Cloud-Native Computing Foundation, Hyperledger, Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), Automotive Grade Linux, Kubernetes, and the Linux kernel project are all hosted on the Linux foundation.

Objectives of Linux Software Foundation

The Linux software foundation is committed to making economical biological systems across open-source projects for speeding up business reception and innovation improvement. 

Currently, the Linux creator Linus Torvalds and lead maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman are supported by the foundation.

It aims to provide a neutral environment in which the Linux kernel's development can be sped up and protected. 

In addition, the foundation organizes a number of events where the Linux technical community, software developers, end users, and the industry come together to solve pressing issues affecting Linux and open source.

Through its various annual events, such as Open-Source Summit (formally known as LinuxCon, which debuted in September 2009), Linux Kernel Developers Summit, and Open-Source Leadership Summit, the Linux software foundation helps the Linux community by facilitating technical education and information. A developer's travel fund is available.

  • Community Data License Agreement (CDLA)
  • Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH)
  • Training and certification
  • Linux.com
  • LF Climate Finance Foundation
  • Patent Commons Project

Linux Sofware Foundation Projects

Linux Software Foundation collaborative projects were originally funded software projects that capitalize on the power of collaborative improvement to fuel innovation in industries and ecosystems. 

Open-source software projects receive funding from more than 500 businesses and thousands of developers worldwide.

As of September 2015, there were 115,013,302 lines of source code in the Linux Foundation's collaborative projects.41,192.25 person-years are required to retrace the collaborative development steps for the projects.

Reproducing the codebases will take 30 years and 1356 developers. The Linux Foundation's collaborative projects were anticipated to incur development costs totaling $5 billion.

A couple of the undertakings are as per the following:

Linux Software Foundation
Sources: Linux software foundation

VxRail Software Download

What is VxRail

Dell EMC's hyper-converged product is VxRail Software. Instead of purchasing servers, storage, and the hypervisor separately, hyper-converged appliances bundle the components into a single package, making it possible to implement a "data center in a box" strategy.

Working of VxRail Software

Components of VxRail Software

With a maximum of 64 nodes, the VxRail software minimum cluster configuration has three nodes. In a rack-mount chassis, VMware two-node models house one to two nodes. 

Serves as a software stack for the computing, network, storage, and management components of the SDDC.

An HTML5 plug-in makes the VxRail Manager functionality available in vCenter.The VxRail Manager process is utilized for the initial deployment of VxRail clusters.Life-cycle management is carried out by VxRail Manager using a process that is orchestrated and fully integrated.

Features of VxRail Manager include:

Single-click software updates, simplified system deployment, and more than 200 automated tasks Single-click health and event monitoring dashboards and physical views Direct access to support, articles, and a community site.

VxRail Software Download link here

Name Category Publish Date Action
VxRail VVS Metadata
File Name
VxRail VVS metadata
Operating Systems
Full Release 09-11-2022 Download
Source: Dell Technologies


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