Let's go to Kailash Manimahesh


Kailash Manimahesh Yatra

The holy Manimahesh lake is filled with thousands of pilgrims during July-August and september. A fair lasting fifteen days is also organized here.

Every year the Kailash  Manimahesh Yatra begins on the day of Janmashtami, which is the birth date of our Lord Shri Krishna and continues for 15 days till Radha Ashtami.

On the same day, the head worshiper of Bharmour starts the journey to Manimahesh Dal.Before the holy lake is circumambulated (thrice), a bath in the lake is worshiped and the idol of Lord Shiva's four-faced statue made of marble is worshiped. Shiva lingam in the shape of rock on the peak of Mount Kailash is worshiped in this journey.

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 If the weather is suitable, then pilgrims take advantage of this idol of Lord Shiva.

According to the local people, Kailash protects them from many disasters, that is why the local people have great reverence and belief for the great Kailash.

There is a huge snow-capped plain under the Kailash Peak, which is known as 'Shiva Ka Chaugan', the playground of Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati play here.

 There are two sources of water before some of the lake. It is known as Shiva Krotri and Gauri Kund.

Kailash Mani Mahesh
Kailash Manimahesh Trek

Kailash Manimahesh travel trek.

Manimahesh is situated at an altitude of 4,080 meters (13,390 ft). Its climb is not easy or difficult. 

The month of May to October is the most suitable for visiting this temple.

But due to hill climbing, only 4 to 5 hours of climbing a day is possible.

Chamba-hadsar-dhanchho, situated at an altitude of 2280 m) Dhanchho from Hadsar, which is 4 km, but it takes 3 hours to go. Here, there is a good arrangement for spending the night including food, etc. 

The climb from Dhanchho to Sundarasi is not only long but also the most difficult phase of this journey. 

This route has to be climbed continuously. We have to spend the night in the camp.

The next stop from Sundarasi is Gauri Kund. Its distance from Sundarasi is around two and a half kilometers.

 There are two routes from Sundarasi to Gauri Kund.

One way is through Bhairoghati and the other is the one which has been made separate from Sundarasi two decades ago. 

Devotees reach Gauri Kunda through these two paths. It takes a lot of sweat to cover the distance of Gauri Kund from Sundarasi.

As soon as the devotees reach Gauri Kund, there is no place for their happiness. 

Here on one side are the Gauri Kund and on the other side there are views of Lord Shankar's Mount Kailash (Manimahesh).

The tiredness of the devotees disappears with his visions.The height of Gauri Kund is about 11 thousand feet above the sea level. Here, there are signs of Maa Gauri and a Gauri Kund, where only women can take bath. Bathing is prohibited for men here.

Hiking starts at 6000 feet.

The walking pilgrimage will start from Harsar village at a height of 6000 feet in Chamba district and after covering a distance of 13 kilometers, will end near the sacred lake at a height of 13,500 feet.

What precautions should be taken while traveling to Manimahesh.?

What to do.

- Keep enough warm clothes with you. Here. The temperature can drop by as much as five degrees.    The weather on the journey route can be bad at any time, so carry umbrella, windchitter, raincoat and waterproof shoes with you.

- To keep the goods not wet in the rain, keep clothes and other food items in waterproof bags.

- For emergency, write a slip in your pocket by writing the name, address and mobile number of your fellow passengers.

- Do carry an identity card or driving license or travel slip with you.

What not to do

- Do not stop in areas where there is a warning notice.

-Travel route has a lot of ups and downs, so do not travel wearing slippers. Travel only by wearing tracking shoes.

- Do not take any shortcuts during the journey as it can be dangerous and fatal.

- Never travel empty stomach. Doing so can cause serious health problems.

- Do not do any work that spreads pollution on the travel route or damages the environment.

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