Best places to visit in Uganda

Uganda is to the east of Kenya, north of Sudan, west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, south of Rwanda, and on the south border of Tanzania. Talking about the poverty of Uganda, one-third of the country's population runs their lives below the level of international poverty, i.e. two dollars every day.

Even after such poverty, Uganda is famous worldwide for its warmth and hospitality. Three things that separate the Ugandan people from the world.

Best places to visit in Uganda
Best places to visit in Uganda

  •  Happy in poverty: 
Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. 50 percent of the people here pass for less than 1 dollar but Ugandans are known to be happy even in these adverse conditions.
  •  Extremely conservative: 
These people are very conservative in terms of dress.
  • They love nature so much: 
they don't even allow trees to be cut illegally. It is often the case that the forests here are lush and full of wildlife of various species. Even in cities, if a tree is to be cut, it is permissible to cut a single tree after planting 3 plants.

Best places to visit in Uganda

If you are traveling to Uganda, you will find it very difficult to decide which places are the best. To overcome your difficulty, we have prepared the list of the best  places to visit in Uganda.

  • Murchison Falls

Whether you travel by a ship cruise on the Victoria Nile or travel on a safari when you are visiting this breathtaking sight, you will see everything from African lions, elephants, leopards and giraffes.

 best places to visit in Uganda
best places to visit in Uganda

  •  Lake Victoria

If you really want to experience Uganda, the story begins with Lake Victoria, which is the birthplace of the Nile River. Not only is it the largest lake in Africa and therefore also the largest lake in the world
There is a large number of natural beauty and wildlife here, from beautiful mountain scenery to islands, beaches, fishing boats and various birds and animal species. You will get to see a lot here.

  • Jinja, Neil's debut

When you are visiting Lake Victoria, you will want to see the colonial city of Jinja located at the beginning of the Nile.
  You would love to see where the world's longest and most historic river begins. And you also have to deal with activities like whitewater rafting, mountain-biking, quad-biking.

  • Secy Island

A major tourist attraction in Uganda, the island of Cécis is a gagger of about 84 islands lying along the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria. , Bantu is the best place to interact with people and study their culture.

  • Kampala, The Capital of  Uganda

While traveling to places in Uganda, you will not miss exploring the Kampala, the country's capital. The city is home to a gentle migrant community
You can visit beautiful temples, churches, art galleries and museums, including the Uganda National Museum. You will also visit various markets for clothing, foods and crafts. Kampala also offers an honest range of restaurants and bars.

  •  Kasubi tom

While in Kampala, a visit to Kasubi Tombs is also good for some time. A palace containing 35 buildings, it is an important landmark, and also the burial place of 4 former Ugandan kings and other royalty members.
A tour also allows you to explore interesting artifacts and study the rituals and traditions of the Kingdom of Buganda, Uganda's largest tribal state.

Best places to visit in Uganda
Best places to visit in Uganda

  •  Nidair Center

The Nidair Center can be an excellent place to experience colorful dance and music in Kampala that is traditional to Uganda.

On Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, the Nidair Center offers a 700-seat amphitheater, where you will enjoy dinner, with colorful, high-energy dances and a great display of music that reflects the culture of the Ugandan people Presents.

  •  Impenetrable Park

The breathtaking mountain views, lush green landscape and an abundance of African wildlife are just a few of the reasons Bwindi Impenetrable Park is one of the highest places to visit in Uganda. In addition, it is home to the world's last mountain gorillas.

There are many gorilla trekking tours that you will undertake to fit your level of skill or choice, which will give you a feel for the sheer experience of the place and to attract mountain gorillas to their natural habitat.

Best places to visit in Uganda
Best places to visit in Uganda

  •  Entebbe Botanical Garden

Locals say that the first Tarzan movies were filmed here, but whether it is true or not, Entebbe Botanical Garden can be a wonderful place of beauty and discovery, where you will find many trees, flowers, butterflies, monkeys, squirrels and birds .

Located near Victoria, this 40-hectare (98-acre) garden complex can be a breath of fresh air where you will picnic, rehearse a rainforest or simply enjoy birdwatching.

  • Rwenzori Mountains Park

If you want to experience the most extraordinary natural beauty of Uganda, be sure to visit Rwenzori Mountains Park.

 It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sathlo and offers stunning views of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and forests sheltering many bird species and chameleons.

Best places to visit in Uganda
Best places to visit in Uganda

You can also learn about hiking, and culture with the village of Ruboni.

So here was the list of best places to visit in Uganda

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