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The weather is changing rapidly at this time and it is common to have a cold in this changing season. But now this coronavirus has created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of all the people. Everyone wants to adopt measures to avoid this virus, but the atmosphere of fear is so much that people get scared even in mild cough or cold.

 Because the symptoms of coronovirus are similar to the common cold, runny nose, cough, fever, etc., it becomes difficult for people to recognize the disease. In such a situation it is very important that you are aware of this nervousness. Let's know about this virus.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by the new corona virus. This means COrona VIrus Disease-2019.

The name of this infection is SARS-COV-2. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given considerable attention to the circumstances to finalize the name, which you can read below.

Suppose it is winter and you are in the room and there is something in the room that gives you warmth.

Now if there are two types of settings in a room heating item. The first is to warm the room completely in a short time and the second is to keep the room warm for a long time. What would you choose in such a situation ?

Setting the second number is a better option and exactly the same is happening in this transition. It would be better to keep the number of hospitalized people with the new corona virus in the hospital stable over the long term, rather than being hospitalized in large numbers.

This preference is called flaton the curve, in which the curves reflect the number of people hospitalized by time. If the spread of infection does not stop in the local population, the number of people hospitalized may increase according to the available capacity, which will lead to more life-threatening consequences.

Which samples are required for COVID-19?

According to the CDC, if the suspect's test is accepted, the cell and blood sample will be collected from the suspect's upper and lower respiratory tract and kept at a temperature of two to eight degrees Celsius and later sent to the testing laboratory.

Will go Cells and blood will be stored separately in a PCR machine in the laboratory. PCR is called polymerase chain reaction, a chemical reaction that increases the genetic material present in the cell within the last few hours.

Next, it is checked whether it contains any nucleotides. If a nucleotide is found in it, the sample is considered positive, meaning the person is infected with COVID-19.
Researchers in the laboratory also check if there is any other type of flu in it.

These are symptoms of corona virus diseases.

• Difficulty breathing
• Persistent chest pain or pressure
• Blue lips or face
• Dizziness

Here we are telling you what to do to avoid this virus ...

  • Wash hands frequently

Washing hands frequently is the easiest way to eradicate the corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) and all eminent scientists are saying the same thing that to keep away the corona virus, clean your hands thoroughly and take full care of basic hygiene.

Wash hands with soap-water as often as possible throughout the day. If it is not possible to wash your hands with water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains about 70 percent alcohol.

  • Avoid putting hands in eyes, nose and mouth

The easiest way to avoid corona virus infection is to avoid putting hands in your nose, eyes and mouth again and again. Actually, if you have touched an infected place and after that you will touch your face, then you can know that you can get that virus in your body unknowingly.

Therefore, doctors recommend that you keep your face safe. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth at all with dirty hands.

  • Do not hold the lift button and door handle

This method is also an extremely easy way to avoid the corona virus. Lift buttons, public place doors and knob and handles of toilet doors are the most infected. At a time when there is a possibility of spreading corona virus in the country, you need to be cautious in catching them.

Do you know that corona virus survives most days in any steel handle or lift button? So try and press the lift button with the elbow. If you have even touched them, wash your hands with soapy water as soon as possible or clean the hands with a hand sanitizer.

  • Be careful while traveling in public transport

Public transport is especially traveling in metro and buses, so try to cover your face with a mask. A normal surgical mask cannot protect you from the virus, so use an N95 or N99 mask. If you do not have a mask, avoid standing around someone with a cold-cough.

  • Avoid shaking hands with others, (say Radhe Radhe)

Most viruses spread by hand. If your hands are dirty and you join hands with another person, then the viruses present in your dirty hands reach the hands of the other person.

 So at this time when the fear of corona virus is spreading in the country, it is better to greet someone from a distance rather than shake hands. By doing this you will also be protected from viruses.

  • Avoid visiting crowded places like malls or cinema

Hundreds of people visit the mall and cinema hall daily. It is difficult to tell which of these are infected with the virus. In such a situation, doctors are also suggesting that to avoid the corono virus, do not go to the mall and cinema hall at this time.

  • Avoid visiting the airport and railway station

Doctors advise that now that such a large number of cases of corona virus are coming in the country, then the right steps to avoid going to the airport and railway station where the congestion is very high and people come from other cities and countries.

Will happen. Visit these places only when it is very important to go. Visit these places too, then keep a face mask and hand sanitizer with you so that you can take care of yourself.

  • Avoid social gathering and wedding party

There is currently no cure or vaccine for the corona virus, so avoiding this virus is the best way to prevent it. So you must have seen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also appealed to the people that in view of the danger of Corona virus, people should avoid going to any kind of big social conference.

Doctors are also advising to avoid going to wedding parties and the family should meet so that the danger of spreading the virus can be avoided.

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