Information about Hanogi Mata Temple

Today we will discuss about a temple which is situated on the edge of a mountain, its name is Hanogi Mata temple.

Hanogi Mata Temple is a famous religious site of Mandi. Which is located on Mandi- Manali highway. Devotees and lovers of nature come here throughout the year.

The location of this temple is quite picturesque as it is situated on the top of a small peak and is surrounded by green mountains. Beas river flows through the feet of the goddess.

Hanogi Mata Temple
Hanogi Mata Temple

Hanogi Mata Temple

The temple of Hanogi Mata is located at a distance of about 30 km from Mandi. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most revered religious centers. It is a small temple built on the side of a mountain.

Unlike any other holy place, this temple offers lush green views from above. The temple, wrapped around beautiful valleys and thick forests, spreads a positive aura around the entire mountain.

 Many people are also seen doing adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, and sightseeing. The temple is equipped with interiors and its attractive architecture will surprise you.

 Treat your eyes to the admirable galleries and stunning beauty of this place. Whether it is a solo trip or a group trip, you should visit Hanogi Mata Temple while visiting Himachal Pradesh.

->Features of  Hanogi Mata Temple

Situated at the corner of the hill, this temple offers many enchanting panoramas of the surrounding places. The climate is usually cold, cold air keeps moving here, so the sun's rays are needed.

 The sky above this temple portrays beautiful scenery, especially in the morning and evening. If you are planning to visit Hanogi Mata Temple Himachal Pradesh, then it is suggested to visit this place during sunrise and sunset times.

The lush green mountains, small peaks, and panoramic slopes offer a breathtaking view of the temple, which suits all types of travelers.

 If you have a thing for natural science and ideas, then you should visit here around summer. The weather here is attractive and pleasant in summer, so you do not have to worry about heavy winter clothes and also the sweat of summer will not bother you.

Hanogi Footbridge
Hanogi Footbridge

->Attractions nearby Hanogi Mata Temple

If you want to go on a spiritual journey then your itinerary in Himachal Pradesh should include Hadimba Temple, Jagatsukh Sthal, Manu Temple, Jagannath Devi Temple, Raghunath Temple, Billy Mahadev Temple, and Jamula Temple.

However, if it is not a spiritual journey, then you may be interested in trekking and sightseeing around this quiet place.

->How to reach Hanogi Temple

The best way to reach this temple is by road. You can hire a taxi for the same. And you can also go by bus, you have to climb about 400-500 stairs to reach the top.


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