Mandi Chhoti Kashi | Himachal Pradesh

Mandi district is made up of the separation of the two princely states of Suket and Mandi, after which the state of Himachal Pradesh came into existence.

Mandi Chhoti Kashi is also known as Mandavya Nagar because Mandvi is the abode of sage Mandavya Rishi. Because it is the main route from other cities like Manali, Ladakh, Punjab, etc.

Now people from different religions have settled in Mandi. Most of them are Hindus so you can see many Hindu temples near the city of Mandi and on the banks of the river Beas.

Mandi Chhoti Kashi

Mandi Chhoti Kashi has more than 300 old and new temples.  Most of the temples are of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.

There are several classical temples here, which the Archaeological Survey of India has declared as a 'protected monument' due to its historical importance, the main ones being: 'Panchavaktra Temple' situated at the confluence of the river Panch and Suketi Bhad, 'Ardhanareeswarar Temple'.

this is one of such temples in India. The 'Triloknath Temple' is situated on the banks of the river Beas.

Tourist places near Mandi Chhoti Kashi | Himachal Pradesh

There are some tourist places near Mandi Chhota Kashi which we will discuss. District Mandi is known as Chhoti Kashi because there are 80 temples here, so Mandi is called Chhoti Kashi.

We will tell you about some selected tourist destinations which are very popular and fascinating.

Parashar Lake

Ideal for nature-loving enthusiasts and one of the most relaxing lakes of the mind. This beautiful and serene lake is situated at an altitude of about 2730 meters. 

Parashar Lake

A floating island is seen in the middle of the lake and here is a century-old temple dedicated to the sage Parashar. People roam the lake and camp on its shores for fun and adventure. Read more...

Rewalsar Lake 

Rewalsar Lake is a square-shaped lake situated at an altitude of 1360 meters. It is also called Tso-Pema, which in the local language is called Kamal Lake.

Rewalsar Lake

  This lake is one of the most beautiful places to see in Mandi. There is also a zoo with breathtaking natural beauty, Lord Krishna, and sage Lomas, and the monastery, the gurudwara, three Hindu temples of Lord Shiva, and a huge statue of Padmasambhava that attracts spiritual travelers.

Shikari Devi Temple 

Mandi is famous for old temples and is one of them. The temple of Maa Shikari is located away from the city of Mandi and at an altitude of about 3332 meters it has no roof.

Shikari Devi Temple

 Kamarunag Lake

If you are visiting Mandi Chhoti Kashi, then you should visit Kamarunag Lake as this lake (temple) is one of the best sightseeing places.

Kamarunag Lake

The place is situated at an altitude of about 3334 meters which provides an amazing trekking trail for nature lovers. The lake is situated on the Mandi-Karsog road. Read more...

Bhimakali Temple

Bhimakali Temple in Mandi is a famous religious site. Dedicated to Bhima Kali, an incarnation of Durga, the architecture of the temple displays magnificent wood carvings. 


Situated on the banks of Beas, this temple has a huge museum displaying special images of Hindu deities and deities.

Bhootnath Temple

The temple is located in the center of the city and is a popular temple in the list of Mandi tourist destinations.

 The temple has beautiful sculptures of Shiva, an entrance hall, a cellar, and decorative double arches on the pavilion. Shivaratri is celebrated with great pomp here.

Barot valley

Barot is a wonderful place for adventure activities like picnic, trekking, and mountaineering, fishing (fishing). 

Chauhar Valley.

Barot has emerged as a tourist destination over the years. Barot is the major site of the Chauhar Valley.

How to reach Mandi Chhoti Kashi

 By Air

There is no airport in Mandi. The nearest Bhuntar Airport from Mandi is located at Kullu. Bhuntar Airport is connected to Chandigarh and Delhi, so travelers going to these two places can easily reach Mandi. 
Once you arrive at Bhuntar Airport, buses and taxis are used by many tourists to get to and from Mandi from Bhuntar Airport.

By Train

 The train is the next option for you. However, Mandi has no railway station of its own and the nearest railway station is located at Joginder Nagar which is about 55 km from Mandi.

By Bus

Mandi Chhoti Kashi by road is one of the most suitable options when a question such as how to reach Mandi.

Roads from major cities like Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana are all well connected to Mandi city. The distance from Chandigarh to Mandi is about 6 hours and the distance from Shimla to Mandi is 4 hours.

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