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Gasota Temple

Gasota Mahadev Temple is located at the end of a village near Gasota Khad.  It is located on Hamirpur-Jahu road, 9 kilometers from Hamirpur.  The 400-year-old Lord Shiva temple is located here. People from various places visit this holy place to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Gasota Temple Hamirpur

The Gasota Mahadev Temple is the center of the ancient faith of the people. Every wish of the devotees is fulfilled in the Gasota Mahadev Temple.

This temple is the famous Mahadev temple of Hamirpur district, people come here from the state and other states to seek Mahadev's blessings. Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated every year in this temple.

Gasota Mahadev Temple is decorated like a bride on Shivaratri. The temple is enhanced with flowers and colorful lights in many ways. Jagran is held here on Shivratri.

Prasad (Bhoga) is offered here at 12 o'clock at night. Suitable arrangements are made here for the devotees so that there is no trouble.

Gasota Temple

A huge Jagran is organized here on the night of Shivaratri. And the next day the Bhandara is organized. There is a huge banana garden here, from there bananas are distributed to the patients of the hospital.

Every year on the first Monday of the first month (usually mid-May) a famous cattle fair is held in Gasota and people from the surrounding areas and neighboring states visit the place to get a glimpse of the Shivalinga and trade cattle.

It is a very beautiful place. Apart from temples, natural streams also flow which enhances its beauty. A cowshed has been built for the Gaushala and Pandu Sarovar in the temple premises to facilitate the visitors.

The story behind this Temple

Shivalinga has been installed in the Gasota Mahadev temple for thousands of years. According to Jan Shruti, once a farmer was plowing his field in Gasota village.

 During that time, when the plow collided with an object, there was a stream. Later, when we plow again, the milk comes out.

When the plow collided for the third time, blood came out, then the farmer lost his eyesight. Later, according to the dream the farmer dreamed in this context, the Swayambhu Shivling came out of there and was asked to establish it.

 In collaboration with the villagers, the farmer installed this Shivling in Gasota and demanded a grant for himself which was completed.

Water source bursts due to mattress

According to Janashruti, Pandavas were searching for the place during the unknown habitation. Bhima thought of running a gharat there.

When he started bringing the water of Beas river towards Khurat at night, he felt the sound of someone coming. They thought it was morning. Bhima threw all the belongings of Gharat in the village and went away.

Gasota Mahadev Mandir

After this, the Pandavas reached the village of Gasota and due to the forest they started raising cows there. Once there was a drought and the cow started to suffer.

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When Bhima hit the ground with mace, a water source burst there which has been flowing in the Gasota Mahadev for centuries

 The Gasota Mahadev Shiva Temple is of special importance in Hamirpur District Hamirpur. Thousands of years old Shivling is the focal point of people's faith.

Devotees from all over the country arrive at Gasota Mahadev to worship Shivalinga to fulfill their wishes. The name of the sacred site of Gasota Mahadev is associated with the Pandava period in the Puranas.

 According to the Puranas, the Pandavas spent some time in the Gasota Mahadev temple during exile, due to which the faith of the people in the Gasota Mahadev temple is still alive.

Gasota Mahadev Mandir

The temple has langar facilities for devotees every day. There are also cowsheds in which people voluntarily donate grass and other materials for cows. The description of the glory of the holy land of Gasota Mahadev and Mahadev is not a matter of the senses but the science of the mind.

In the holy land of Mahadev, the seeker can achieve the gross world by serving the holy land of Mahadev with devotion, strength, liberation and devotion.



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