Full Statehood Day | Himachal Pradesh

On January 25, Himachal Pradesh is observed as the full statehood day, Himachal Pradesh was granted full statehood on January 25, 1971.

The background-

After independence, Himachal Pradesh was formed on 15 April 1948 as the province of the Chief Commissioner. Later on 25 January 1950, Himachal was made a "C" category state. Subsequently, on 1 November 1956, Himachal Pradesh was declared a union territory. In 1966, the hilly regions of Punjab were included in Himachal Pradesh. On December 18, 1970, Parliament passed the Himachal Pradesh Act and Himachal Pradesh came into existence as a full-fledged state on 25 January 1971. Himachal Pradesh was the 18th state of India.


On January 25, 1971, the full state was announced at Ridge Ground.

25 January 1971, it was on this day that Himachal got a distinct identity as a full-fledged state. On this day Himachal became the 18th state of the country. It was the day when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced the grant of full statehood to Himachal on the ridge plain of a snow-covered white sheet. She had barely reached the ridge grounds from Annadale.
Thousands of people gathered at the ridge ground to hear this announcement even in the cold winter. The drama began after this announcement. Eyewitnesses say that the then Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Dr. YS Parmar, also participated in the walk in the Nati in Ladies Park.

Former Shimla MLA Harbhajan Singh Bhajji studied in the college in 1971. He says that he was present on the ridge with the leaders of NSUI to welcome Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Shimla received heavy snowfall that day. After the announcement from the stage, Dr. Parmar danced well with the common people and activists.

Former councilor Ashok Sood says that youth from Annadale to Ridge Maidan welcomed the then Prime Minister. Despite the snowfall, before or after any rally in Himachal, not as many people had gathered on the ridge as on January 25, 1971. Shortly after the announcement of Himachal being included in the states of the country, the then Chief Minister was swinging with the common people in the Nati. A fire was lit for people in Ladies Park. He can never forget this day.

History of Himachal

- Himachal came into existence on 15 April 1948.
- Himachal got Part C state status on 26 January 1950.
- On 1 July 1954, Bilaspur became part of Himachal.
- Himachal was made a union territory on 1 November 1956.
- On 1 November 1966, many parts of Punjab joined Kangra including Himachal.
- Himachal Pradesh Act passed on 18 December 1970.
- Himachal got full statehood on 25 January 1971.


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