Christmas Day | Why we celebrate Christmas

Christmas Day: Why we celebrate Christmas | Know the full story of Secret Santa

 25 December, Christmas Day

25 December is celebrated as Christmas Day all over the world. It is also called Bada Din. On Christmas day people party with each other, roam and pray in church. 

Also on Christmas Day, gifts are given to children in socks. Home-made cakes are made and fed. This time Christmas (Tuesday, 25 December) is on Tuesday and on the seventh day, the new year 2020 will begin. 

Know here some very special things related to the trend of giving gifts from Christmas tree to socks.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated in the joy of Christ's birth. Jesus Christ is called the Son of God. Christmas also got its name from Christ.

Christmas Day: Why we celebrate Christmas, know the full story of Secret Santa

Why Christmas Celebrated on the 25th December

No birth date of Jesus is given in the Bible, but still, Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December. There were many disputes over this date.

 But in 336 AD, the first Christmas was celebrated on 25 December in the time of the first Christian Roman Emperor of Roman. A few years later, Pope Julius officially announced the birth of Jesus on 25 December.

Christmas Tree Story

The Christmas tree began thousands of years ago in northern Europe. During that time, this winter festival was celebrated by decorating the tree named 'Fir'.

 Apart from this, people used to decorate the branches of cherry plants during Christmas. Those who could not buy these plants used to celebrate Christmas by giving the wood the shape of a pyramid.

Gradually the trend of Christmas trees increased everywhere and now everyone brings this tree to their home on the occasion of Christmas and decorates it with candy, chocolates, toys, lights, bells, and gifts.

Christmas Day: Why we celebrate Christmas, know the full story of Secret Santa

This winter festival is celebrated by decorating a tree named 'FIR'.

Secret Santa and the gift story in his socks

According to popular stories, a man named St. Nicholas lived in Myra (now Turkey), a place in Asia Minor in the fourth century. One who was very rich, but his parents had died. He always helped the poor secretly. He used to try to make them happy by giving them secret gifts.

One day Nicholas (Saint Nicholas) finds out that a poor man has three daughters, who have absolutely no money for their weddings. John Nicholas arrived to help this man.

One night, he reached the chimney in the roof of this man's house and put a bag full of gold from there. During that time this poor man had put his sock in the chimney to dry.
in the whole world, it is a custom to give gifts in socks on Christmas day, i.e becoming a secret Santa.

Christmas Day: Why we celebrate Christmas, know the full story of Secret Santa
Secret Santa or Saint Nicholas

Suddenly, a bag full of gold fell into his house in these socks. This happened not once but three times. Nicholas saw this man for the last time.

 Nicholas asked not to tell this anyone. But soon the noise of this thing came out. From that day, whenever anyone would get a secret gift, everyone would think that Nicholas gave it.

Gradually, this story of Nicholas became popular. Because it has been a custom to give gifts to children on Christmas day.

That is why the first Nicholas story in the UK, especially in England, formed the basis and was named Father Christmas and Old Man Christmas. 
 After this, the custom of giving gifts in the socks on the day of Christmas, ie Secret Santa, went on. 

How to celebrate Christmas

In particular, people and children are vacationed abroad from school, college, and office before Christmas. The entire market and every street are illuminated with Christmas trees and lights.

On 24 December, people celebrate Easter Eve and on 25 December party in homes, which lasts for 12 days. Christmas begins from 25 December until 5 January.

This festival, especially celebrated in Europe for 12 days, is known as 12th Night.
On Christmas day people do a party with each other and pray in church. 

Special things 

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December
Christmas Day is called bada day
Christmas celebrations last for 12 days.


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