Why kasol is called Mini Israel.?


Why kasol is called Mini Israel.?

Kasol is a popular tourist destination located in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh, which is popular for its Israeli tourists. The village, situated on the banks of the Parvati river, is situated just 40 km-meters from Kasol Kullu.

Kasol is very special for adventure lovers, as they can comfortably enjoy the shade of the stars in the lap of nature. There is a lot of places to visit in Kasol like Parvati River, Kheer Ganga Peak, Malana, Tosh Village, Manikaran and Bhuntar etc.

 Kasol is very special for trekking lovers. There are Kheer Ganga trek, Malana, The Great Himalayan National Park trek etc. for trekking which pass near Kasol. The banks of the Parvati river make Kasol even more beautiful with the standing cedar and pine tree.

 As you enter Kasol town near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, you see tents queues and motorcycles standing in front of them.

Due to a high percentage of Israeli tourists hereAll the menus in the restaurant here are in the Hebrew language, instead of salutations, you will hear 'Shalom' 

That is why this area is called Mini Israel.
Here the Tibetan or 'Star of David' Israeli flags are seen waving in the evening breeze.

kasol  (Mini Israel)
 kasol  (Mini Israel)

Going forward, you also see a Khabad house i.e. the Jewish cultural site. This beautiful building has wooden floors and benches. There is a young rabbi (Jewish priest).

They have been specially sent from Israel to help the Jews to worship and take care of their holidays. There are 23 Khabad houses across India.

 The Khabad House built here gives cultural direction to this small hill village Kasol.

The special thing here is that in 'Kasol village' there is a ban on the entry of Indians especially youths.

Even if a person from India comes to this village by mistake, he does not give any room to it here and in the end he has to go from this village.

People say that the people of India do not allow the people of India to come to this village, because the tourism businessmen are the only ones because the people here will not earn as much from any Indian person as foreign people do.

Don't understand English

Israelis started coming here about three decades ago. Initially, old Manali used to be his favorite destination. 

A tourist told that at that time this area was untouched and completely natural. After the influx of Indian tourists, when the small huts and houses started turning into crappy concrete hotels with glass and shiny wallpapers, Israeli tourists moved towards Kasol in the valley of river Parvati.

 People say that when Israel came to Kasol initially, they rented the place.They ran their own guest houses, cafes and stayed cool by themselves. 

He interacted with the local people and people gave them their places because they were sure that this would increase business there.

 Local people do not go to cafes made for Israelis. They say that the food of Israelis is different. The locals are happy with the occupation from Israel.

Respective parts

Earlier there was not a single car here, but now this small village looks prosperous. Now people have started running their own cafes, guest houses, but take care that they do not make Israel angry. 

According to the local people, at least one thousand Israelis can be found in this valley at any time. A bonfire is arranged here at night. Three hundred rupees a day, even in small hotels with room for rent, the music system is found outside. 

This place has been the home of Israelis for so long that the local people have adopted them. They have adapted themselves according to the Israelis.

 Hammas, pita bread and falafel have become the staple food of the people. Different claims are being made on this area regarding the rights. 

Indian tourists consider this place as their own. Apart from this, a kind of nationalist sentiment has also started emerging in the village.

Best Time to Visit Kasol

October to May is the best time to visit Kasol. The weather in Kasol is very pleasant throughout the year, and the ideal time to explore the forest is from March to May. Going to Himachal at this time of rain is not a risk, somewhere the river is in spate, then there is a landslide. 

However, if you are fond of walking in the cold nights and cool evening winds, then October to February is the right time for you. weather is. Temperatures during this season usually range from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius and roads leading to Kasol can get blocked due to snow. You can also enjoy trekking.


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