Why We Celebrate Sair Festival.?

Why We Celebrate Sair Festival.?
Why We Celebrate Sair Festival.?

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its rich culture, various fairs, and festivals. 

While all these festivals work to keep us all connected to our loved ones, Himachali is also doing an employment job for the public.

 In Himachal, a lot of festivals are celebrated throughout the year and almost every month's Sakranti i.e. "Sajji or Saja" is known by a special name and is celebrated as a festival. 

Accordingly, the first day of the changing of the Indian Desi months and the beginning of the new month is called Sakranti.

Almost every festival, there is a celebration in Himachal Pradesh, which is the ancient Indian civilization of the hill culture of Himachal Pradesh.

Sankranti of Ashwin month is celebrated on 17th of September i.e. in some districts including Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur,  Bilaspur and Solan, the festival of Sair Festival or Sayar Festival of Himachal is celebrated with great pomp.

Sair Festival
Sair Festival

The Sair Utsav or the Saar Utsav is also one of these festivals. 

Why We Celebrate Sair Festival.?

The Sair festival (sire festival) is celebrated on the Sakranti of Ashwin month. 

In fact, this festival is celebrated to mark the end of the rainy season and the beginning of autumn. 

At this time, Kharif crops are ripe and there is time to reap, then celebrate this festival to thank God. Kharif crops are harvested only after a walk. 

On this day, part of the crops and seasonal fruits are offered to the "Saree Mata" and also the ash is taken off and offered to the Saree Mata.
A new crop of maize and paddy is ready at the time of sire. On this day special dishes are made in homes. 

Among them, roti, mithu, pakodu and patrodu are special. In the morning we worship maize and paddy and wish for a good future. Earlier walnuts were also played on the outing, but that trend has subsided.

 famous and famous literature of the Culture of Himachal, Dr. Gautam Vyathit says that in the state it is called Sire, Sair and Sairi

It is celebrated in all districts, but is celebrated with great pomp in Kangra and Mandi.

 Masant arrives one day before Sair. Auspicious works begin with the sair

Arki region of Solan district and Mashobra in Shimla district, known for bullfights.

Though the fair has lost its traditional charm, the locals celebrate it enthusiastically by participating in bullfights and offering a harvest to the god.


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