Trek from Kamarunag to Shikari

 Kamarunaag to Shikari

The height of both the temples is almost equal. But the journey from Kamrunaag to Shikari Mata temple is very long. It should be 15–17 km long with a well marked trail. 
Shikari Mata temple
Trek from Kamarunaag to Shikari

The roofless temple is visible on foot and on bright sunny days, you also get to see the wonders of the Pir Panjal Himalayas. 
The major peaks seen from this level are Dev Tibba, Indrasana, and Papasura - Dharmasura.
Now some information about the temple, no roof has been built on the temple. It is said that many attempts have been made. Everything has failed. There is heavy snowfall here. In the past year, four tourists have got their work done by getting stuck in snow here.
A story behind the name Shikari Mata came out that people used to come to hunt in this area. Even today, this entire area falls under the hunter wildlife sanctuary. 

This temple is built on the highest peak in the dense forest. People have come here to play hunting. The hunting forest gradually became known as the mother of the hunter.
The strange story behind its name is that it is said that Pandavas came here to play hunting during exile. They saw some deer here. They gave chase but could not catch the deer. 

Then, in the dream or some other way, the Pandavas came to know that the deer was not an ordinary deer. The goddess of this area was traveling in a deer form. The Pandavas got an idol which was founded on the top of this mountain. Because of this its name became hunter mother.
As stated earlier, this temple is built on the highest peak of this district, and the view from here looks very attractive. 

One more thing, from here up to the Kamarunag Temple and the lake, there is a foot trekking route up and over the hills. In which only landing is unloading. This route further meets Kamarunag on the road leading from Rohanda Sundar Nagar to Karsog.
A rough road connects the Shikari Mandir with Janjaihali Town. Can also walk through the forest which does not take more than 2 hours.

I decided to take a walk through this forest, which is well marked and in case you wander, have a cushioning hut as Landesty. There is a huge cave popular, which is known as Buddha Kedar.


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