The God of Rain, Kamrunaag

A trek to the Kamrunaag Temple - Place of God
Everyone would love to go to a place that is popular for all kinds of adventures.

 A trek to Kamarunag can make you feel all the things you want from a trip. 

Kamarunag is a place of God, full of adventure, full of natural beauty and quite cool in summer which makes it even more beautiful.
The God of Rain- Dev Kamrunaag
The God of Rain- Dev Kamrunaag

The God of rain, Kamrunaag

The month of June is when people start going there.

 It is only open for a few days as the place remains closed for the rest of the year. Every year from 14 to 16 June, the fair is organized in Kamarunag. 

In Kamarunag people offer coins, notes, ornaments etc. to the serpent god. People in Himachal Pradesh also call Kamarunag "The God of rain".

Story of Dev Kamarunag

Kamarunag has a long story, so here I am explaining briefly, Lord Kamarunag's real name was Ratan Yaksha and he wanted to participate in Mahabharata, but it was not allowed. 

He offered his head to Lord Krishna (Hindu God) as a fee for services (Gurudakshina) and asked to be kept alive till the war ended. 

His head was placed atop Kamru hill so that he could watch the live Mahabharata from there and has since been known as Kamarunag Temple. 

Kamarunag lake and Mudra note lake Beginning of the journey
There are many ways to reach the temple but we choose it from Rohanda which is on the hillside.

Location of Kamarunag Temple

Kamarunag Temple located in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 3335 meters and we have to trek from Rohanda to reach there.

 The distance between Rohanda and Kamarunag Temple is a steep climb of 6 km. Rohanda is 50 km and 34 km from Mandi and Sundernagar respectively. 

The road from Rohanda to the hilltop is very poor, which is used by the villagers to reach this temple on the banks of the mysterious lake. 

It is a fascinating trek through dense vegetation, panoramic mountain ranges, panoramic views that are transferred to an unknown spiritual realm.

 Road will start from  Dhanotu Sundernagar to Rohanda. Just take a right turn from Dhanotu (place name) as you were driving on the national highway and now you will go on the same road or you can also use GPS which is very common for smartphone users.

Rohanda is about 34 km from Dhanotu, Sundernagar. It is a single valley road, so you should be careful while driving as there is traffic on this road if you are driving with your car.

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