Parashar Lake

Parashar Lake is known for its panoramic view of the dense forest and the snow-clad mountains of Dhauladhar.

 "Parashar Lake" which has a circumference of about 300 meters. It has a floating island. 

There are many ancient evidences in today's modern era which are beyond the understanding of science. 

No other name can be given to such evidence except as a divine miracle. Similar divine evidence is seen in Parashar Lake also. 

There is a terrain in the middle of this lake that moves on its own and keeps changing its direction. 

Parashar lake is located about 56 kilometers from the district headquarters, the temple of the deity Parashar Rishi and the ancient lake. The lake was named after the sage Parashar.

According to the Puranas, Rishi Parashar meditated at this place. 

Parashar Lake
Parashar Lake

The temple of Parashar Rishi was built here in the 14th and 15th centuries by the then King Bansen of Mandi princely state, but no one knows about the lake.

The lake at an altitude of 2730 meter
It is believed that ever since the creation of the universe, this lake was also formed. 

No one knows from where the water comes in this lake, built at an altitude of 2730m and where it goes, but this water is not even stagnant. 

There is a terrain in the middle of this lake and this terrain gives evidence of having some divine power here. 

This terrain also shows the ratio of the Earth away. This terrain does not stay in one place but continues.

 years ago this area used to be towards the east in the morning and west in the evening. 

Its walking and stopping are seen to be associated with virtue and sin. However, now this terrain sometimes stops at the same place for a few months and sometimes starts moving. 

Dozens of gods and goddesses of the area come and bathe near this holy lake. 

The priests bring the Devraths along with the Devalu near the lake and make the Devraths bathe in the water here.

Pagoda style temple
Parashar Lake
Pagoda Style Temple Parashar Lake

People have great faith in Parashar Rishi Temple and this lake. This temple is built in the Pagoda style and its beautiful view is made.

 One gets relief from the heat, the blessing is also attained by seeing the deity and seeing the holy lake, one gets the good fortune to drink its water.

Parashar Rishi is considered as the special deity of the royal family of Mandi princely state.

Walking around the lake gives a mysterious feel of the surrounding calm.

 Parashar's journey is the perfect blend of the spiritual journey and exploring in the serene and beautiful Himalayan mountains. Many camping sites are also located here and this is the base for many easy and difficult treks. 

People from Mandi and other nearby districts visit the place to worship Parashar Rishi The "Sarnouhali" fair takes place in the month of June in which a large number of locals from Mandi and Kullu districts take part.

Weather in Parashar lake 

Due to the high altitude of Parashar Lake, the weather here is cool throughout the year, but there is a lot of change from one season to another.

 In summer, it is mostly good from mid-April to June. The monsoon falls in July and August and receives moderate to heavy rainfall every year.

 During the winter, the lake completely freezes and the temperature drops to several degrees below zero.

Best time to trek to Parashar Lake

For those who just want to enjoy an easy to moderate trek and spend a night at a campsite then one can go during the summer season and this is the reason that there is a flow of devotees here these days. 

This is the right time to visit the temple. Avoid visiting during the rainy and winter months.

Parashar lake trek in winter( December-Feb )

During the winter there are about 3 feet of snow on the trek. If you are a snow lover, this will be a thrilling trek for you, it is nothing short of a wonderland.

To reach Parashar Lake, you have to take a long trek of 6 km. During winters, a bus runs to Baggi in the morning and your trekking starts from Baghi and in summer, the bus goes to Parashar Lake. The ascent to the lake starts at Baggi village at an altitude of 4438 feet.

Avoid visiting the place between July and August. The rainy season damages the road and also causes landside.

Distance from Parashar Lake to Delhi

Parashar Lake from Delhi is about 500 kilometers and takes about 11 hours to reach Mandi.

Staying nearby in Parashar Lake (Parashar lake guest house)

A One Rest House, HPPWD Rest House, and Temple Committee Inn are available for night stay.

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