Mystery of Sarayol Sir lake

 Dev Bhoomi Himachal is famous all over the world for its beauty.
There are countless mysteries in this world full of mysteries.

Somewhere there is a secret of the temple, somewhere there is a secret associated with the river, mountains, water, cave, waterfalls.

You will not accept the secret of a lake in these mysterious worlds.
The secret of this lake, which is amazing.

So let's know the Mystery of Sarayol Sir  lake -

Mystery of Sarayol Sir lake
Mystery of Sarayol Sir lake

This lake is under Devbhumi Himachal Pradesh District Kullu, called Mysterious Sarayol Sir  Sarovar. 

Situated approximately 5 km from Jalori Jot, this lake has many secrets. Many ancient mysterious things are hidden in this place.

This lake is located about 10,000 feet above sea level. Anyone who tried to get into the water in this mysterious lake died. 

Also, a bird cleans this lake. The lake is also known as the Old Serpent. Snow falls in winter. 

The place is visited from Chait Navaratri between November. This lake also has an old serpent's resting place.

 This snake is said to be alive by eating butter and ghee. It is believed that a palace has been built inside the lake, which is of this old snake. 

No one can go here except the serpent, because if someone takes a bath in that lake, he dies. 

Hence people are prevented from taking bath here. Ghee is said to be flowing around this lake. 

Therefore, there is a tradition of offering a stream of desi ghee from all around in this lake. Residents here do not consume ghee of their cow without giving it to any old snake. 

A black colored bird comes here to clean the water of the lake. A bird keeps this lake clean. 

There is no dirt floating in the lake water as the bird picks it up and throws it out. This bird is named is Aabi and it lives around this lake. 

The water in this lake changes its color according to time and time. The water of this lake sometimes appears blue, sometimes green, sometimes black. 

Usually shines in a transparent color. Every year the doors of this temple remain closed during the icy days, which are opened on the day of Baisakh Sankranti.

This was the Mystery of Sarayol Sir lake - have you seen - it does not feel like accepting all these secrets, but it all happens in front of eyes.

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