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World's tallest hanuman ji statue
Jakhu Temple-108 feet high Hanuman statue

Jakhu Temple, the ancient temple of Shimla, is a sacred pilgrimage center for Hindus. 

Hanuman ji is situated on the Jakhu mountain at an altitude of 2455 m from the Sea level. Tourists visiting Shimla are considered incomplete without taking the blessings of Hanuman ji in this temple.

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great pomp in the Jakhu temple. This temple is very special religiously and historically and many unique things are prevalent about it, you will be surprised to know about it.

A 108 feet high statue of Hanuman is installed in the courtyard of Jakhu Temple which you can see from anywhere in Shimla. 

This idol of Hanuman ji is one of his largest statues worldwide.

Thousands of monkeys will be seen roaming around the temple, but the special feature of this temple is that the monkey, who is called the form of Hanuman ji, does not harm the tourists and devotees.

Tourist spot -Jakhu Temple

It is also established as a tourist destination. Various trekking and mountaineering activities are conducted by the state government on the hill. 

The trekking route is surrounded by panoramic pine forests. Visitors can also hire 'ponies' (ponies) to reach the Jakhu Temple

There are many shops in the base area of ​​Jakhu hill, which provide walking sticks etc. to help the trekkers to climb up and also ropeway.
From here tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset.

Story related to Jakhu temple

Story related to Jakhu temple

Story related to Jakhu temple

According to the legend, Hanuman ji was looking at the Yaksha Rishi, who was doing penance here, while going through the sky route towards the Himalayas to take Sanjeevani Booti when Laxman ji became unconscious during the Ram-Ravana War. 

When Hanuman landed on the hill, the hill could not bear his load.

 As a result, the hill slid into the ground. The original hill covered more than half of the earth.

Later its name changed from Yaksha to Yak, Yak to Yaku, Yaku to Jakhu after the name of Yaksha Rishi.Hanuman ji, to rest and get acquainted with Sanjeevani Booti, ​​the place of Jakhu mountain, where his footprints have been made with marble even today.

After taking the introduction of Sanjeevani Booti from the Yaksha sage, on his way back, he gave the promise to go together to Yaksha Rishi and went towards the Drona mountain. 

In the absence of time due to the monster called Kalanemi en route, Hanuman ji walked through Ayodhya by short route.

When he did not return, Yaksha Rishi was distraught. But Hanuman ji did not want to annoy Yaku Rishi, due to this, suddenly he appeared and made his Deity alop. 

With which Yaksha Rishi built Hanuman's temple here. Today this idol is installed in the temple and people come from far and wide to see him.

According to another legend, Hanuman rested at Jakhu temple when he was going to get Sanjeevani booti. 

On his way to Booti, ​​Bajrangbali rested on this hill in Shimla. After resting for a while, Hanuman left his companions here and left alone to bring Sanjeevani Booti.

 It is believed that his monkey comrades kept waiting for him to return to the hill here, realizing that Bajrangbali had gone alone with him. 

As a result of this, a large number of monkeys are found here today.


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